About me

In my own personal experience as well as with client observations in my clinical practice there appears to be at least one juncture in our life when we get stuck at a major crossroad, where our ability to make decisions or choices appears to have abandoned us. If we’re lucky, a seemingly unexpected event may intervene to force our hand to steer us in a certain direction.  


I was fortunate enough to have such an intervention when I was guided towards a treatment with a 5 element acupuncturist at a time in life when I was looking for change, but had no idea what the outcome looked like! I hadn’t even uttered the word acupuncture prior to this event, never mind considered its intervention, it simply wasn’t in my consciousness at this time. Fortunately for me, I followed the signs that led me to my new path and from that day forward my life changed beyond recognition.

Within three months of my first treatment I had signed up for a full time degree in Acupuncture and by the time I’d graduated with an honours degree 3 years later I had experienced the Hoffman Process, visited the Amazon rain-forest and absorbed invaluable wisdom and knowledge from a number of amazing spiritual teachers across the globe. 

My crossroads encounter has been the basis for my work to date; I love seeing people wake up to new possibilities, to see the blocks that are currently getting in the way of their evolution and to help people move through them, whilst learning the lessons from their experience.

If you’re at a crossroads, ask for help from your higher intelligence to notice the signposts that are always available to us; pay attention, follow your intuition and wait for the magic to happen.